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nothing makes a gamer more nervous than when the game autosaves in a seemingly harmless location

Pfft. Kids these days. Nothing makes a gamer more nervous than when the music changes and there are no auto saves. Retro gaming real talk. 

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Can summer be over yet?

Can it be piss wet and chilly again, please? This is England for crying out loud! It’s not supposed to be like this. Am I the only one not enjoying the warm summer weather? Every time I hear a weather presenter talk about how lovely and sunny it is, I want to reach into the screen and throttle them.

I mean, it could at least rain a bit and give me a moments respite from my hay fever.   

I’m too hot and I’m too sweaty.



Mega-City One Moves A-Head!-Chris Foss.

In August 1995 to mark the(lousy!)Judge Dredd(1995)movie,released the previous month,celebrated sci-fi/fantasy artist Chris Foss was invited to draw a series of covers for the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic™.

Best known for his dazzling book covers for the likes of E.EDoc" Smith,Philip K. Dick and Isaac Asimov,notably the stunning “tryptek" of paintings for Asimov’s Foundation trilogy-which inspired the triptych of covers above.

UK artist Foss also worked on the look and design of such sci-fi movie classics as Superman(1978)and Ridley-Scott’s Alien(1979),as well as Alejandro Jodorowsky’s(sadly)aborted,Dune.

Foss even illustrated seminal(careful!)Seventies hirsute love-making manual,The Joy Of Sex!(1972)

To cap it all the Foss droid even drew a one-off Judge Dredd tale,Jigsaw!(Prog953,18Aug’95)to accompany his magnificent covers,and was scheduled to work on another,both with Dredd writer and creator,John Wagner;sadly this second strip never materialised but you never know perhaps his art will grace the pages of 2000AD again one day.

  • Hershey’s Big Gun!(StarScan,Prog953,18Aug’95)
  • Statue Of Judgement Rebuilt-complete with new PSU* office in head(StarScan,Prog954,25Aug’95).
  • Justice 1-MC-1’s flagship interstellar craft(StarScan,Prog955,1Sep’95)

*PSU-Public Surveillance Unit


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Katsuya Terada
Various Illustrations from Zelda I, Zelda II, Link’s Awakening, and A Link to the Past.

Star Trek Into Darkness. Some thoughts.

It was, in a word, awesome. I don’t really want to go into too much detail here, because I want to give it multiple viewings and besides, it’s too early to write a spoiler filled review when so many people haven’t even seen it yet.

So instead, I’ll just list some of my favourite moments in the film and a few of the things I didn’t like so much about it. 



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Tiny Totoro Dreams Jewelry Box

I don’t own much jewelry, but damn is this box pretty awesome. Little Creations by Etsy user The Bird and The Bee recently posted this cool Totoro jewelry box, featuring creatures from the beloved Miyazaki film, My Neighbor Totoro. Check the images in hi res to see how tiny these little models are inside of the actual box. It’s amazing to notice how small those painted eyes are. They’ve also got a big Studio Ghibli collection of jewelry to check out as well, for those interested.